Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees members


Name Position Term expiration
Andrea Lisiak President June 2024
Rob Hockenberry Vice-President June 2025
Lara Rogers Secretary June 2025
Lynette Garlan Treasurer June 2024
Leslie Clark Member at Large June 2025
Phil Hayes Member at Large June 2024
Tamara Marlise Manzetti Member at Large June 2025
Kathryn Morosky Member at Large June 2025
Logan Newman Member at Large June 2024
Alex Policicchio Member at Large June 2024
Myles Zuckerman Member at Large June 2024
Non-Voting Advisory Board Members
Caryn Alexis Greco Advisory Board
Matt Lisiak Advisory Board
Eric Schaffer Advisory Board
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Contacting the Board as a whole…

You can send e-mail to to reach the Board of Trustees.

Committee and Production Staff positions

The following are Committees and Staff positions that are nominated or appointed by the President, and approved (by vote) of the full voting board (BOT). These positions are Non-Voting offices. They are frequently held by BOT Members, but may be held by any member in good standing. Duties may be reassigned by BOT depending on current makeup. Click on the Position Title to email the person or committee member responsible for that position.

Position Title Name Position explanation
Business Manager Eric Schaffer Coordinates: Contracts and Arrangements with cast/crew/orchestra as needed; with Venues, Insurance; and other business matters and as assigned by the BOT. Duties are divided among others when position is vacant.
Studio Building Manager Rob Hockenberry Responsible for management of the studio and rehearsal space at 523 Lincoln Ave. Manages inventory of set material, props, costumes, etc.
Grants Administrator / Patrons Chair TBA Coordinates and submits Grant Writing and other Fund Raising proposals, and as assigned by BOT.
House Manager Lara Rogers Acts for the BOT on Front of House/Lobby matters for a specific show. Responsible for correct record keeping of income from admissions & sales, and following BOT Procedures. May change per production or show.
Membership Coordinator Alex Policicchio Coordinates Membership Committee for the board, and as assigned by BOT.
Orchestra Coordinator
Lynette Garlan
Coordinates Orchestra Committee for the board, and as assigned by BOT.
Production Manager Lynette Garlan Administrative Liaison for the BOT upon production matters for a specific show (or shows).
Publicity & Communications Coordinator Lara Rogers
Andrea Lisiak

Publicity Staff
Tamara Marlise Manzetti
Kathryn Morosky
Andrew Mours

Coordinates Publicity/Advertising/Promotional efforts, Public and Social Media Communication, and as assigned by BOT.
Production Stage Manager Andrea Lisiak Organizes the production and coordinates communications between various personnel.
Event Coordinator Rob Hockenberry Administers auxiliary performances and receptions.
Volunteer Coordinator Laura Gudenburr Finds and coordinates volunteers.
Educational Coordinator Sean Lenhart Coordinates educational programs, such as Savoyards Teach.
Accessibility Coordinator Lynette Garlan Handles patron and volunteer accessibility issues.
Webmaster Matt Lisiak Handles issues pertaining to the functionality of this website.
Librarian Lynette Garlan Handles storage, maintenance and procurement of vocal and orchestral music books and sheet music.
Archivist Matt Lisiak Handles storage, maintenance, procurement, and research of Pittsburgh Savoyards historical documents and media.


Board Business:

The Board of Trustees (BOT) are the managing body of the Pittsburgh Savoyards inc. They meet as often as needed (generally once a month). BOT Meetings may be attended by any in-good-standing member unless specifically announced. The Pittsburgh Savoyards Board of Trustees consists of 11 elected members and up to three non-voting appointed members. The elected members serve in two year terms that alternate years, Five positions one year, and Six positions the next, and are elected at the Annual Membership Meeting by the general membership. Following the election of the BOT members, the President and Vice-President are elected from the BOT members by the general membership. The general membership elects the BOT members, and then from the group of 11 elected BOT members elects the President and Vice-President of the Board. Requirements to be a BOT member is Pittsburgh Savoyards membership in good standing. In addition to being a BOT member, the President must have already served a complete two (2) a year term as a member on the BOT at some time prior to being elected President, and must be willing to serve as President. The Vice-President may be any Board member.

* The Annual Meeting is normally the Last Activity of the Performance Season. The new Season begins with the Fiscal Year in July, or at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting. Transition of BOT members occurs at the conclusion of the meeting, except by special vote for outstanding business matters, and transitions of authorized personnel, as for Bank or Legal Documents (accounts), which takes place as soon as can be arranged.