Show & Event History

2024-05Sleeping BeautyMargaret Partee Performing Arts Center
2024-02Pride and PrejudiceMargaret Partee Performing Arts Center
2023-12Amahl and the Night Visitors & The Gift of the MagiMargaret Partee Performing Arts Center
2023-07The Servant of Two MastersMargaret Partee Performing Arts Center
2023-04ThespisGreater Pittsburgh Masonic Center
2022-12A Christmas CarolSavoyards Studio Theatre
2022-10The SorcererGreater Pittsburgh Masonic Center
2022-07The Importance of Being EarnestSavoyards Studio Theatre
2022-04The Pirates of PenzanceACFLMH
2021-12It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio PlaySavoyards Studio Theatre
2021-10Princess IdaACFLMH
2021-07The Imaginary InvalidSouth Park Theatre; ACFL&MH; Savoyards Studio Theatre
Spring 2021Live, Laugh, Love, Repeatrecorded at 523 Lincoln Ave. Bellevue, PA
Winter 2020Our Home For Your Holidaysrecorded at various locations
Fall 2020The Masked Victorianrecorded at 523 Lincoln Ave. Bellevue, PA
2020-03The MikadoACFLMH
2019-03The GondoliersACFLMH
2018-10The Yeoman of the GuardACFLMH
2018-03The Grand DukeACFLMH
2017-10H.M.S. PinaforeACFLMH
2016-10Trial By Jury & Gianni SchicchiACFLMH
2016-03The Pirates of PenzanceACFLMH
2015-03The MikadoACFLMH
2014-10The SorcererACFLMH
2014-03Utopia LimitedACFLMH
2013-10Princess IdaACFLMH
2013-03H.M.S. PinaforeACFLMH
2012-10The Yeomen of the GuardACFLMH
2012-03The Pirates of PenzanceACFLMH
2011-03The GondoliersACFLMH
2010-10Trial by Jury & Gianni SchicchiACFLMH
2010-03The MikadoCatherine Thomas
2007-12-09Handel’s "Messiah" and Holiday ReceptionCatherine Thomas Theater
2007-02-03 and 4thThe Pirates of PenzanceCatherine Thomas Theater
2005-09-23 through 10/9The Yeomen of the GuardACFLMH
2005-01-30The GondoliersACFLMH
2004-03-05 through 21stPatienceACFLMH
2003, FallH.M.S. Pinafore ACFLMH
2002, FallThe Pirates of PenzanceACFLMH
2002, 6/15Savoyards on Parade (fund raiser)ACFLMH
2002, 4Princess Ida ACFLMH
2001, 9The Mikado
2001, 5/11-20IolantheACFLMH
2001, 2/2-11The GondoliersACFLMH
2000, 10Here’s a Howdy do, a G&S Review
2000, 3/3-19H.M.S. PinaforeACFLMH
1999, 10 Trial by Jury and The Sorcerer
1999, 5The Yeomen of the Guard
1998, 10The Pirates of Penzance
1998, 3Patience
1997, FallRuddigore
1997, 3/14-23The MikadoACFLMH
1996, 1/26-2/11H.M.S. PinaforeACFLMH
1995, 12/1-9Amahl and the Night Visitors and Christmas musicACFLMH
1994, 12Amahl and the Night Visitors (by Gian-Carlo Menotti)
1994, 6/The Telephone (by Gian-Carlo Menotti) and Gianni Schicchi (by Giacomo Puccini)ACFLMH
1994, 1/Iolanthe
1993, SpringThe MikadoACFLMH, Taylor Allderdice High School and CCAC South Campus Theater
1993, 6/18-27Fabulous Finales and Trial by JuryACFLMH
1992, SpringRuddygoreBellefield Annex Theater and Linton Intermediate School
1992, FallThe Mikado
1991, SpringPirates of PenzanceBellefield Annex Theater, CCAC South Campus Theater
1991, FallRuddigore
1990, 5/4-20H.M.S. PinaforeBellefield Annex Theater, CCAC South Campus Theater
1989, SpringPrincess IdaCarlow College Antonian Hall
1989, FallThe GondoliersCarlow College Antonian Hall
1988, 11/11-20The Mikado
1988, 5/13-1550th Anniversary Gala (“Golden Celebration of Gilbert and Sullivan”)Carlow College Antonian Hall
1987, 11/6-22The Pirates of PenzanceCarlow College Antonian Hall
1987, 4/24-The Yeomen of the GuardCarlow College Antonian Hall
1986, 11/8-23IolantheCarlow College Antonian Hall
1985, 5/17-26The GondoliersCarolow College Antonian Hall
1984, 11/30 – 12/9PatienceCarlow College Antonian Hall
1984, 5/11-20The MikadoCarlow College Antonian Hall
1984, 1/13-1/21Princess IdaStephen Foster Memorial Theater
1983, 5/13-29The Pirates of PenzanceCentral Catholic High School Auditorium and Mt. Lebanon High School
1982, 10/29-11/7The SorcererCentral Catholic High School Auditorium
1980, 6/14The Pirates of PenzanceThree Rivers Arts Festival
1980, 5/15-24The Pirates of PenzanceJewish Community Center on Bellefield Ave.
1979, 6/9The GondoliersThree Rivers Arts Festival
1977, 1/The Grand Duke
1975, 11/14-23IolanthePittsburgh Playhouse
1975, 4/The Pirates of PenzanceAllegheny Community Theater and Indiana U. of P.
1974, 11/15-24RuddigoreAllegheny Community Theater
1974, 5/28The GondoliersPittsburgh Arts Festival
1972, 4/14-22H.M.S. PinaforeEllis School Theater
1969, week of 4/23The GondoliersEllis School Theater
1968, 4/24-28The MikadoEllis School Theater
1968, 1/20-25PatienceEllis School Theater
1966, 12/17-18Amahl and the Night VisitorsStephen Foster Memorial
1966, 11/18-19The SorcererEllis School Theater
1963, 5/3-4Yeomen of the GuardMt. Mercy College Antonian Hall
1962, 10/27Annual Halloween PartyBethany-Lutheran Church
1962, 6/23Annual meeting and dinnerArts and Crafts Center
1962, 6/9Annual Strawberry Festival (fund raiser)Arts and Crafts Center
1961, 5/The Mikado
1961, 1/Patience
1960, 11/5Fall Festival (fund raiser)Arts and Crafts Center
1958, 12/13 & 20Christmas Festival (fund raiser)Arts and Crafts Center and Oakland Veterans Administration Hosptal
1958, 6/27Annual Strawberry Benefit FestivalArts and Crafts Center
1958, 5/_The Mikado
1958, 1/14Midwinter Festival (fundraiser) featuring The Pirates of PenzanceSt. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Parish House
1957, (Fall)The Pirates of Penzance
1955, 6/29Annual Strawberry Festival (fund raiser)Arts and Crafts Center
1955, 6/21An evening with Gilbert and Sullivan (annual dinner entertainment)Church of the Redeemer Parish House
1954, 11/23The Pirates of PenzanceMt. Mercy College Antonian Hall
1954, 6/9Annual DinnerCalvary Parish House
1954, 5/6RuddigoreSchenley High School Auditorium
1954, 2/26Dessert card partyCalvary Episcopal Church Parish House
1953, 11/18H.M.S. PinaforeSchenley High School Auditorium
1952, 12/4The MikadoSchenley High School Auditorium
1951, 5/28Annual MeetingCalvary Episcopal Church Parish House
1951, 1/19Trial by JuryHotel William Penn (midwinter meeting of Pa. Bar Assn.
1949, ?The Yeomen of the GuardCarnegie Music Hall
1949, 9/14Savoyards DinnerCalvary Episcopal Church
1949, 8/9Pittsburgh Savoyards Ice Cream Social (fund raiser)Calvary Church Choir Close
1949, 1/11Un-named performanceSyria Mosque
1948, 12/7-8The SorcererCarnegie Music Hall
1948, 4/18-20Trial by Jury and The Devil and Daniel Webster (Pittsburgh Press Review, Pittsburgh Post Gazette review)Carnegie Music Hall
1948, 1/6-7The Pirates of PenzanceCarnegie Music Hall
1947, 5/3H.M.S. PinaforeSyria Mosque
1946, 11/28The GondoliersSyria Mosque
1946, 3/8Princess IdaSyria Mosque
1945, 11/24The MikadoSyria Mosque
1945, 7/8 & 10The Pirates of PenzanceSchenley Park Flagstaff Hill and Wheeling, WV
1945, 5/1-2IolantheTwentieth Century Club
1944, 11/2-3The Yeomen of the GuardTwentieth Century Club
1943, 6/21Annual supperCalvary Parish House
1943, 6/19Patience (excerpts)Crafton Civic Club
1943, 5/5-6PatienceTwentieth Century Club
1943, 3/27Gilbert & Sullivan revueVariety Club Canteen
1942, 11/_Ruddigore
1942, 5/13-14 and 7/15-18The GondoliersTwentieth Century Club and Schenley Park Flagstaff Hill
1942, 2/11-12Cox and Box with Trial by JuryTwentieth Century Club
1941, 10/29-30The Pirates of PenzanceTwentieth Century Club
1941, 5/6-8IolantheTwentieth Century Club
1940, MayRuddigoreTwentieth Century Club
1940, 2/13-15, 3/5-6The Yeomen of the GuardTwentieth Century Club
1939, 10/10-11The MikadoTwentieth Century Club
1939, 5/9-10The Pirates of Penzance (Announcement in Pittsburgh Post Gazette)Twentieth Century Club