It’s a Wonderful Life – Winter 2021

The Pittsburgh Savoyards continue their 84th season this holiday season with a Savoyards Studio production of Joe Landry’s It’s a Wonderful Life: a Live Radio Play. Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, inc.

Performances will be held November 26-27, December 3-4, and December 10-11, 2021 at the Savoyards Studio theater in Pittsburgh Savoyards headquarters at 523 Lincoln Ave in Bellevue, PA. All performances are at 7:30pm.

Parking in Bellevue is free after 5 pm for street parking or in public municipal lots. The closest municipal lots to the theater are on Meade Avenue between Lincoln and Monroe Avenues, and between Hawley Avenue and N Sprague Avenue near the Bellevue Police Department.

PLEASE NOTE: For this performance we will be requiring guests to conform to the COVID-19 Vaccination and Masking requirements outlined by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. All ticket holders must provide proof of Covid vaccination or a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of the show date and time.  Masks will be required for patrons. Entry will be denied for guests who do not adhere to these requirements.

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It’s a Wonderful Life: a Live Radio Play is based on the classic holiday movie with a clever twist thrown in: the story is staged as a live radio broadcast. Actors portray numerous characters, and sound effects are done through Foley artists. It’s a Wonderful Life is about the life of George Bailey, a generous and well-meaning man who has become too downcast and tired to continue living. It will take help from a lovable angel to show George what life would be like if he wasn’t born for George to have a change of heart and understand the true spirit of the holidays.

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Director – Sue Kurey
Production Manager – Lynette Garlan
Production Stage Manager – Andrea Lisiak
Technical Director – Robert Hockenberry
Costumier – Ellen Rosen
Properties Designer – Lara Rogers, Matt Lisiak

Bayley BrownDorothy Thompson, radio performer & foley artist
 Violet Bick/Young Violet, a small-town siren
Sarah DeasyLana Sherwood, radio performer
 Rose Bailey, George's mother
 Zuzu, George's daughter
 Matilda, secretary at Bailey Bros. Building & Loan
 Ruth Dakin Bailey, Harry's wife
 Mrs. Hatch, Mary's mother
 Mrs. Thompson, at the run on the bank
 Schultz, a German at the Martini house dedication
 Woman (in advertisement)
 Sadie Vance, the state bank examiner
 Janie, George's daughter
Andrea LisiakStage Manager
Sarah PuhalaSally Applewhite, radio performer
 Mary Hatch/Young Mary, George's girl
Bob RakFreddie Filmore, radio performer & announcer
 Harry Bailey/Young Harry, George's kid brother
 Old Man Gower, a druggist
 Billy Bailey, George's uncle
 Joseph, the superintendent of angels
 Ernie, a cab driver
 Sam Wainwright, an entrepreneur
 Ed, at the run on the bank
 Man (at the run on the bank)
 Tommy, George's son
 Mr. Welch, a schoolteacher's husband with a temper
 Man (at Martini's)
 Nick, a bartender
 Bridge Keeper
Frankie ShoupJake Laurents, radio performer
 George Bailey/Young George, a typical American dreamer
Bruce TraversHarry Heywood, radio performer
 Bert, a cop
 Henry F. Potter, the richest and meanest man in all the county
 Pete, George's son
 Clarence Oddbody, George's guardian angel
 Peter Bailey, George's father
 Old Man Collins, an eavesdropper
 Dr. Campbell, on the board of the Bailey Bros. Building & Loan
 Charlie, at the run on the bank
 Martini, an Italian bar/restaurant owner
 Horace the Teller, at the bank
 Man (in advertisement)
 Binky, a bouncer
All Boys
 Board Members
 Crowd at Run on the Bank
 Restaurant Patrons
 Crowd at Party