Pirates of Penzance 1991

Pirates of Penzance

Bob Whitley, General and Music Director
Mavourneen Dwyer, Stage Director

Bellefield Annex Theater, March 2-10, 1991
Community College South Campus Summer Theater, April 6-13, 1991


The Pirate King – David Alden
Samuel, His Lieutenant – George Pitteroff
Frederic – Christopher Hensel
Ruth – Diana Silvinska
Miss Faversham, The Governess – Anne Hiltner
Edith – Marie Dovin
Kate – Jeannine Ruben
Isabel – Marlene Vrscak
Mabel – Tamara Hale
Major General Stanley – Ken Davies
The Police Sergeant – Michael Greenstein
Junior Constable in Training – Rory Hughes

Pirates and Police:
Mike Daniel, Mike Fekete, Steve George, Michael Greenstein, Sean Hughes, Sam Napoli, Wes Ryals, MichaelSalamon, Irv Selsley, Peter Smerd, robert Wiskeman

Major General Stanley’s Daughters:
Becky Burgwin, Wmily Gage, Louise Gage, Jean Henderson, Anita Napoli, Susan Parsons, Nancy Salter, Donna Swain, Valerie Wilson.