The Masked Victorian – Fall 2020

The Pittsburgh Savoyards open their 83rd season this Fall with The Masked Victorian; or, the Singer Who Loved a Spotlight, a brand-new show inspired by the works of Gilbert & Sullivan!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, this show has been pre-recorded and will be available to view on-demand.

– – –

It’s 1897 and Britain is preparing to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, commemorating the 60th year of her reign. Mr. Gilbert has been commissioned by the Queen to write a new song for the occasion; however, he is having difficulty completing it. Playing for time while visiting the Queen, he stages a contest, The Masked Victorian, to see who should be the singer of the new song. What follows is a delightful journey through a selection of songs by G&S by some familiar characters. Who will be the ultimate victor in this battle of the solos?

Click here for ticketing information – available from Nov. 6 – Dec. 13

Site Director/Stage Manager – Andrea Carriker Lisiak
Production Manager/Wardrobe – Lynette Garlan
Concept/Creative Consultant/Lighting – Robert Hockenberry
Videographer/Editor – Alan Teare Productions
Keyboard Accompanist – Matt Brown
Set Construction – Matthew Lisiak
Publicity Coordinator – Mia Bonnewell

W. S. GilbertBruce E. Travers
Queen VictoriaJane Lyons
The Masked VictoriansTo Be Revealed