Princess Ida Fall 2013

October 11-20th, 2013
Music Director, Guy Russo
Stage Director, Patrick Brannan

Performances of HMS Pinafore were held at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library Music Hall, Carnegie PA.


(some of the lead roles are double-cast, see chart below for breakdown)

RolePerformer(s): 10/11, 10/13, 10/17 & 10/19Performer(s): 10/12, 10/18 & 10/20:
Princess Ida
Samantha DeStefanoKeely Bosworth Borland
BlancheDeborah GreensteinDeborah Greenstein
MelissaKaitlin VeryJohnna L. Mernick
PsycheElizabeth RishelBonnie Bogovich
SacharissaMia BonnewellAmy Dick
ChloeJudy KirbyJudy Kirby
AdaAlexandra AksAlexandra Aks
HildebrandCal Coolidge WilsonGregory Patrick
GamaGarth SchaferGarth Schafer
CyrilEric HayesEric Hayes
FlorianMichael GreensteinMichael Greenstein
HilarionSean LenhartJustin Morrison
AracEric StarbuckEric Starbuck
GuronBrian BogovichBrian Bogovich
ScynthiusJim NewsomeJim Newsome
Men's ensembleGerry Neuhaus
Michael Palmosina
Samwise Riley
Jordan Speranzo
Myles Zuckerman
David Zaremsky
Gerry Neuhaus
Michael Palmosina
Samwise Riley
Jordan Speranzo
Myles Zuckerman
David Zaremsky
Women's ensembleLeslie Clark
Annette Frantz
Carolee Kamensky
Leslie Clark
Annette Frantz
Carolee Kamensky


Princess Ida – Photo Gallery



“A few standout performances energize this Gilbert & Sullivan rarity.”  “Princess Ida is one of Gilbert & Sullivan’s rarely performed operettas, so for local [G&S] aficionados, this production should be required.” –  F. J. Hartland, Pittsburgh City Paper

Blast from the Past

We last performed Princess Ida in Spring 2002. (click to see photos and cast list from 2002’s production)

Show Description

Princess Ida and Prince Hilarion, heirs to neighboring Kingdoms, were betrothed as children to seal a pledge of eternal peace between their lands. Now, the time has passed, and Hilarion waits for Ida’s arrival on her 21st birthday at Castle Hildebrand, as promised long ago. But her father, King Gama, arrives with only his three sons, and no Ida. Hilarion learns from her father that Ida has left home to found a women’s university, Castle Adamant. With the help of his two friends, Hilarion determines he will sneak into the Castle and win her love.

But No Males Are Allowed… Hmmmm A disguise!

Whose plans will succeed, and whose will fail? And, of course, there is a topsy-turvy ending, featuring tunes sure to have you humming your way out of the theatre.

Savoyard veteran Guy Russo conducts the Savoyards’ orchestra and performers through this topsy-turvy tale, and returning stage director/choreographer Patrick Brannan stages the witty drama with a cast of new and returning stars. Join some of the area’s finest singers, performers, and our fabulous Pittsburgh Savoyards Orchestra for the battle of the sexes – Gilbert & Sullivan Style!