Special Event: Frederic’s Birthday


Penzance was never like this. Party early and orphan with The Pittsburgh Savoyards and pass the pirate bumper, as we celebrate Frederic’s Big Four-Oh with unusual revelry!

Hoist your Jolly Roger, pour your pirate sherry, grab a cutlass and your favorite wench or rogue and join us on January 10, 2016 beginning at 4:00 p.m. as we board and pillage the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall (300 Beechwood Avenue, Carnegie, PA 15106) to weigh anchor on our upcoming production of The Pirates of Penzance (March 2016).

Opportunities for joyful violence abound!

  • String ’em up with the Lost Chord Trio
  • Place them at the bar with luscious libations
  • Assault your appetite with bountiful comestibles (and cake!)
  • Battle for the booty with our silent auction and raffle
  • Rend the air with “Mad Matt” Brown at our G&S Karaoke competition

…and maybe, just maybe…

  • Fight to the finish in a Duel of Dishonor and Death

$20 ransom at the dock (or online).

Show your colors and dress in pirate garb, if you dare!