Pittsburgh in the Round Previews Savoyards 79th Season

Pittsburgh theatre blog Pittsburgh in the Round has posted a lovely preview of our 79th season. Read an excerpt below:

“The Pittsburgh Savoyards was founded well before many other intrepid performance presences in the region, with Pittsburgh Opera in its 77th year, Pittsburgh CLO is now 70, and Little Lake Theater is a few years from that milestone. Granted, the Savoyards (and likely a number of other arts organizations) took a few performances off during the Second World War, but however one slices it, the Savoyards have endured and love every note of their repertoire over more than seven decades. Soon, the Savoyards will surpass the age span of Queen Victoria who lived to age 81 and reigned during the original productions of Gilbert and Sullivan’s collaborations.”

Written by Yvonne Hudson, the article provides not only essential information about the productions and the company but also gives the colorful perspective of Music Director and Conductor Guy Russo and Stage Director Jim Critchfield, who have been involved with multiple Savoyards productions and are currently working on the upcoming fall 2016 production.

Read the full article here!

And be sure to check out Pittsburgh in the Round for reviews and features on many other theatre companies in the Pittsburgh area!

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