Thank You, From the Bottom of Our Hearts

We want to thank all of the Mikado ticket holders for watching our shows remotely. With the closing of the Public Library System, 2 1/2 hours before opening night, we lost the ability to stage public performances of our two week show run that we have been working diligently on for the past six months. We were lucky to be able to livestream and record two shows for our audiences to view in the comfort of their own places. We are thankful for the Carnegie Carnegie Music Hall for allowing us to do this and our wonderful video engineers Alan & Chris who made it all possible. Thank you patrons!!! We love that you are supporting us in our time of need.

We apologize for anyone who was inconvenienced by our abrupt cancelation. We tried to notify our patrons as fast and as best as we could, but in the scramble that ensued after we received the notice, inevitably some patrons were not made aware in time. This crisis has been a learning process, however, and we will be better experienced in the future to ensure that as many people receive notice in time as possible.

If you would like to continue to support us by purchasing a ticket to view our live stream recordings or by making any size of donation you can, we would of course be eternally grateful. We can only continue to provide you with merriment with the direct support of you, our patrons. With your support, we plan on performing 19th century comic operas for years to come!

Hail Poetry!

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