Announcing our 86th Season!

We are proud to announce our 86th season, where we will bring you five shows for the first time in our history! Interested in seeing all our shows for a discounted rate? We are offering season passes that include all five shows plus a ticket to one of our special events (see below) for just $75 (a savings of $25)!

Click Here to Purchase a Season Pass (available through July 29, 2023)


July 14-29 2023 at the Margaret Partee Performing Arts Center, Bellevue, PA
Directed by Andy Kirtland

In 18th century Venice, a hungry servant named Truffaldino who, upon realizing that working for two masters could ensure him a greater supply of food, tries to do the job of two men while working desperately to conceal that fact from both employers. Chaos ensues as Truffaldino attempts to serve dinner to both his masters’ companies at the same time, without either group finding out (and desperately trying to have his own dinner as well!). The Servant of Two Masters has a hilariously zany plot featuring lost love, mistaken identity, ravenous servants, and lots of letter mix-ups.

Tickets for The Servant of Two Masters


October 13-22 2023 at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall, Carnegie, PA
Stage Director Michael McFaden, Music Director Guy Russo

Gilbert & Sullivan’s Iolanthe, or: The Peer and the Peri (originally produced 1882) presents a conflict between two very different worlds. On one hand, we have the world of the immortal fairies – all female, somewhat trippy and chaotic, and ruled by a queen; on the other, we have the world of British parliamentary peers – all male, stodgy and precise, and subject to the law as interpreted by the Lord Chancellor. The operetta presents a political satire wrapped around a love story: the fairy Iolanthe’s half-human son Strephon loves the Lord Chancellor’s ward Phyllis, but the Lord Chancellor wishes to marry her to a peer – namely himself. The fairies come to Strephon’s aid, install him in parliament, and cast a spell on the other members of parliament to make them pass any law Strephon proposes. Along the way we get any number of satirical digs at the British system of law and government (lampooning, among other things, the intellectual fitness of members of the House of Lords and the honesty and honorableness of lawyers).

Tickets for Iolanthe


December 1-16 2023 at the Margaret Partee Performing Arts Center, Bellevue, PA
Directed by Robert Hockenberry (Music Director for Amahl and the Night Visitors: Guy Russo)

Amahl and the Night Visitors is a one-act opera that tells the story of a crippled shepherd boy named Amahl, who offers his crutch as a present to the Christ child, is healed and joins the Three Kings on their way to Bethlehem. It was originally commissioned by NBC and was the first opera specifically composed for television in the US.

The Gift of the Magi, based on the short story by O. Henry, concerns James and Della Dillingham Young, a young couple who, despite their poverty, individually resolve to give each other an elegant gift on Christmas Eve.

Tickets for Amahl and the Night Visitors & The Gift of the Magi


February 9-24 2024 at the Margaret Partee Performing Arts Center, Bellevue, PA
Adapted and Directed by Marsha Mayhak

Pride and Prejudice, the classic story by Jane Austen, follows the turbulent relationship between Elizabeth Bennet, the daughter of a country gentleman, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a rich aristocratic landowner. They must overcome the titular sins of pride and prejudice in order to fall in love and marry.

Tickets for Pride and Prejudice


May 3-11 2024 at the Margaret Partee Performing Arts Center, Bellevue, PA
Adapted and Directed by Andy Hickly

Sleeping Beauty is the classic fairy tale of a princess who is cursed and can only be saved by true love. Her family is powerless to prevent the curse from taking place, and instead must rely on the princess being found by a prince. This adaptation is perfect for children of all ages and adults too!

Tickets for Sleeping Beauty


Special Events

In addition to our five main shows, we will also be periodically offering special events throughout the season. These events include improv nights, haunted Halloween stories, magic shows, and more! Finalized details of our special events will be announced at a later date.

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